Our story :)

 We believe in the power of the TROIKA.... :) Well well well!!! We are a threesome- a mother & two daughters.... 3 minds wandering in 3 varied directions, coming together to  giving birth to unique ideas shaping up to form  unique products. As Modernites from Kolkata(M.H.S), we were always taught to DREAM BIG & CHASE YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Being Commerce Professionals we understood the nitty-gritty of starting up a venture and the importance of providing value for money. For the past few years, we have been exhibiting our collection at various fairs, under the brand name “Creative Zone”.  Its fascinating to see love for our products and they are now available on various other outlets. Gifted with creative ideas...and armed with an “ITS NOW OR NEVER” attitude we finally decided to set up a market place for handmade products, in the name of  FOPPISHMART – Blended in the colours of elegance!


We strongly believe that to give shape to any of our ideas, we need constant support and guidance from friends, family, colleague, acquaintances, well wishers and sometimes Total Ajnabees..... We just want to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all those beautiful people who made it all possible for us: :)

Some wonderful friends & special ones -  Mr. Arun Shraff ,Swati Lodha, Namrata Bengani, Abhishek Musahib, Varsha Giria, Aritra Saha, Mrs. Ritu Kedia, Mr. Neeraj Sawalka..... THANNNK UUUUU :)

Some total Ajnabees who in the course have become an important part of our venture- Harshita Shaktawat, (Graphic Designer) Nitin, Vikas, Vinay (Zepo Team) Mr. Ashok Jathliya, (CA) Varun Agarwal,(Inspiration) Mr. Sriram, (Ghar Pay), Logistics partners- Fedex,  Tirupati Courier & Overnite Express Ltd..... THANK YOU :)

                                                                                                                                                                                            - January, 2013


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